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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too old to learn the Drums?

If you are still able to move your upper and lower limbs, you are young enough to learn the Drums. Our oldest drum student to date is 69 years old.

At what age can my child learn the Drums?

We do not have a minimum age requirement, what we look at is a child's genuine interest in the drums.

I have not much coordination, will the Drums be too difficult for me?

As with every activity or hobby, practice is the most important ingredient to success. Some are blessed with faster reflexes and better coordination, but commitment trumps them all. You'll be surprised at how fast you can improve on the drums with just 15 minutes of practice time.

So will the Drums be too difficult?

Our drum teachers are trained to break down each drum lesson for you in a way that will be easy to understand. Their years of experience will enable them to swiftly identify your learning style, ensuring that each lesson's content is presented to you in a simple and structured manner.

I am still worried that I will not be able to benefit from the Drum Lessons.

We offer one-off introductory lessons that will enable you to explore the drums while getting comfortable with the drum teacher. We are confident that you will have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Please note that we do not offer free trials.

Do I have to take Drum Lessons every week?

We believe that regular weekly drum lessons are crucial to a student's progress and therefore, we require every drum student to attend one lesson per week during their scheduled time slot. We usually do not advise taking more than one lesson per week, unless the student has sufficient time to practice the prescribed materials before the next lesson.

Do you offer Graded Drum Examinations?

Yes, we are partners with Rockschool Singapore. We proudly offer their full Drum Syllabus and Graded Drum Examinations. Find out more about Rockschool Examinations and Syllabus.

What if I just want to learn the Drums for fun?

Playing the drums is a great way to de-stress during the work week. At Berakah Music, we believe that learning the drums through your favourite songs is the best way to fuel your interest. We strive to ensure that our drum students enjoy every single lesson, developing their passion to excel. We complement this satisfying experience with our own Drum Syllabus when there is a need to address certain drum techniques that are critical to a student's drumming development.

What are the Drum Lesson Fees?

Our price list is available on our Drum Lesson Fees page. We do not charge any registration fees for new drum students, neither do we collect any deposits, all prices quoted are NETT and will be collected before the commencement of each term (11 lessons). As there are 13 weeks per term, there will be a scheduled 2 week break every term according to our school's calendar. All drum lesson fees will be collected at the beginning of the term, as such, we do not collect any deposits whatsoever. Please read more about our Terms & Conditions before enrolling with us.

How do I sign up for Drum Lessons?

  • Talk to us using the 'Live Chat' widget at the bottom right hand corner (Web browser only)

  • Drop us a message via WhatsApp

  • Fill up a 'Join Us Today' contact form found at the bottom of this page

Do you have any ongoing Promotions or Drum Lesson Packages?

New drum students who make full term payment for 11 drum lessons will receive a free pair of drumsticks.

What if I cannot make it for a Drum Lesson?

A make-up lesson will be scheduled during our school's break, do note that rescheduling of lessons are limited to 2 per term. Cancellation and rescheduling of lessons must be done at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time, otherwise the lesson will be deemed forfeited. Find out more about our Cancellation Policy.

What if I am ill?

Same day cancellations will be permitted with an MC (Medical Certificate) if you are not feeling well. Out of courtesy to our teachers, students must inform us before 10AM of the lesson day, a make-up lesson will then be scheduled during our school's break.

What if I am going overseas?

We understand that all students need a break. As such, students are allowed to reschedule up to 2 lessons per term. Please contact us via WhatsApp should you require additional allowance and we will review your request accordingly. We strongly recommend that all students utilise our school's break to plan their vacation.

What do I need for Drum Lessons?

Signing up with us automatically qualifies you for Berakah Music's in-house Drum Syllabus. Students are required to bring their own drumsticks for lessons, you may choose to purchase a pair of drumsticks from us. To study the Rockschool curriculum, Graded Examination Books will have to be purchased.

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