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Drum Lesson Fees

Drum Lesson Price List

Berakah Music Drum Lesson Fees

Drum Lesson Policy

Drum lessons at our drum school are held on a weekly basis, all drum students are expected to attend at least one Drum Lesson per week during their scheduled time slot.

Drum lesson fees are charged per term (11 drum lessons) and will be collected before the commencement of each term. Please note that Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are considered weekends.

As there are 13 weeks per term, there will be a scheduled 2 week break each term.


Gradings will be determined by our in-house or external exam (i.e. Rockschool). We do not charge any registration fees nor require any deposits, all prices quoted are NETT.

Signing Up for Drum Lessons

New drum students will receive our Drum Syllabus and a free pair of drumsticks when they sign up for 1 term (11 drum lessons).

For drum students who join us in the middle of the term, they may choose to:

1. Prorate their lesson fees based on the number of drum lessons left in the current term

(Drum students will only receive our drum syllabus with the option of purchasing their drumsticks from us)

2. Pay for the entire term's fees (11 drum lessons) where any outstanding lessons will be carried forward to the following term, effectively offsetting next term's lesson fees by the number of unfulfilled drum lessons

(Drum students will receive both our drum syllabus as well as a free pair of drumsticks)

Trial Drum Lessons

We do not offer free trial lessons, however, we do offer a one-off drum lesson for new students to try out our drum classes before deciding to sign up.

Trial Drum Lesson Fees:


Weekdays ($70)       |       Weekends ($75)


Weekdays ($55)       |       Weekends ($60)


All prices quoted are per pax.

Group Drum Lessons

Current maximum capacity for our group drum lessons is 2 pax.

Please note that we do not form groups for our drum students, as such, students will have to form their own groups (i.e. with friends/family).

Payment for Drum Lessons

Drum lesson slots will only be confirmed upon receiving payment. Current methods of payment offered are via PayNow or PayLAH!, please contact us for payment details.

Drum student onboarding process will only begin once payment has been received in full, we will guide you through the steps consisting of:

1. Submission of our Drum Student Registration Form

2. Signing up for an account with our Drum Lesson Online Scheduler

Berakah Music (UEN 53388101C) is registered with ACRA and reserves the right to final decision, governed by the applicable statutes in Singapore.

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