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Terms & Conditions

Drum Lesson Enrolment

Drum Lesson Term Structure

Guidelines for 1 Term of Drum Lessons

Duration per Term              :  13 Weeks

Total No. of Drum Lessons :  11 Lessons

Duration of Drum Lesson   :  45 Minutes

Attendance Frequency       :  1 Lesson / Week

Duration of School Break   :  2 Weeks


Term 1  |  Jan 1  -   Mar  

Term 2  |  Apr 1  -   Jun 

Term 3  |  Jul  1  -   Sep

Term 4  |  Oct 1  -   Dec

Drum Lesson Attendance Policy

Attendance Requirements for Drum Students

1. Drum students are required to attend 1 drum lesson per week during their scheduled time slot

2.1. Drum students are allowed up to 2 lesson reschedules per term

2.2. Rescheduling of drum lessons in excess of our 2 lesson provision will result in forfeiture of the respective lessons

3.1. Rescheduling of drum lessons must be done 24 hours before the scheduled time slot

3.2. Late notice or no-shows will deem the drum lesson forfeited

4.1. Same-day cancellations are permitted if we receive notice before 10AM of the lesson day

4.2. Please submit your Medical Certificate (MC) via WhatsApp and we will proceed to reinstate your drum lesson

5. Unfulfilled make-up lesson credits will have an expiry of 1 year from the date of commencement of the respective term

6.1. Notice of 1 month must be given by the drum student before termination of drum lessons

6.2. All outstanding drum lessons will be forfeited in the case of early termination

Berakah Music reserves the right of final decision in all matters.

Drum Lesson Payment Policy

Payment Terms for Drum Lessons

1. No registration fees or deposits are required for new drum students

2.1. Drum Lesson Fees are billed per term and will be collected before the commencement of each term

2.2. Late fees of $50 will be imposed for late payments made after the 14th day of term commencement

3. Registration fees of $80 will be imposed for rejoining drum students

4. All lesson fees are strictly non-refundable


Berakah Music reserves the right to adjust lesson fees at any time and the right of final decision in case of any disputes.

Drum Lesson House Rules

Drum Student Etiquette

1.1. Drum students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner during their drum lessons

1.2. Lesson time will not be compensated should a drum student be late for their scheduled time slot

1.3. Drum students are required to bring their drumsticks and lesson materials for every drum lesson

2.1. Food and drink are strictly not allowed on our premises at all times

2.2. Please dispose of any food and drink in the bin located outside our drum school

2.3. Clean up fees of $50 will be imposed where applicable


Berakah Music reserves the right to seek financial compensation for damages caused by a drum student.

Drum Lesson Disclaimer

Liability Disclaimer

1. Berakah Music will not be held responsible for any injury sustained during the course of our services rendered

2. Berakah Music reserves the right to terminate a drum student without notice should they violate any of our policies


Berakah Music reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy at any time.

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